Diving from the sky into the Caribbean Sea, young male Skelele, an air-being, transforms into a water-being or NiAra.  He meets girl-NiAra Amana and they fall in love as they escape their elders to visit hi-tech islands of their dreams.  They travel forward in time to Boriken (Puerto Rico) ‘Land of the Valiant and Noble Lord’ and then the Dominican Republic and Haiti – 2100. When Amana and Skelele step onto these mechanized islands they transform into futuristic earth beings but their water and air senses allow them to see island pasts and traditions. Their adventures test their initiation and survival skills and they discover their human emotions. Meanwhile, an oil spill explodes, manipulated by the ‘global leaders’, ‘tourism’ and ‘economic development’ (characterized) and threatens the Caribbean Sea, the islands, their species and all organic life forms.  Amana and Skelele are selected by their elders to return to the source of ancient knowledge in the mainland, to strengthen their powers, return and kill the oil monstrosity and save all from extinction.

As Amana and Skelele go on their mission with their various animal familiars or naniki, they face historical, natural and mystical challenges they must overcome.  They also face knowing that they could never be together, as they fall deeper and deeper in love.  Each is a future leader and is responsible for their different worlds – sea and sky.  They travel back through time and the Southern Caribbean islands to the hinterland of Guyana, BC.  At the end of their quest, atop Mt Roraima, the ‘moment of truth’ reveals that what they seek is within them.  Love, and the ability to synergistically connect with every living cell around them, fuses them into fully empowered, extraordinary adults.  They fly straight back to the Caribbean Basin, into battle with the oil monstrosity and win – but are blasted to bits in their final attempt.  The glittering pieces of Amana and Skelele fall, healing and recreating clean seas, healthy life forms and natural islands.  As joyous sea, air currents and creatures celebrate, their pieces find and re-create each other, in embrace.  They kiss and part ways, disappearing away in the sky and the sea, until, like in the beginning of the story, all we can see is their active spirit or naniki – a pelican and fish.

© Oonya Kempadoo

Niara retractable spinal and shouder fins. Tribal tatoos and colours change with emotions.

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What the Site does

This Blog was created for the purpose of creating a development, research and planning platform for the Naniki Story online. As it develops the site and story will grow as we collect more research material and add to its database. This site is basically a tool for online development and refinement of ideas and collection of material needed for the story.


Header painting by George Simon: Three Spirits appear along the Milky Way.

Background photo by Sonan Skye Kempadoo: The sea at home, Grenada.

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